Metro Blue Line Signal System Rehabilitation Project



The Blue Line Signal System Rehabilitation is a design-build project which involves the addition of 4 new interlockings, one siding track, installation of new Overhead Contact System (“OCS”), replacing existing OCS contact wire, conversion of OCS to Overhead Conductor Rail (“OCR”), modifications to the existing mainline Automatic Train Control System, and the modernization of the train control system in the Division 11 Metro Blue Line Yard.

Modifications to the existing Automatic Train Control and Wayside Signaling System include the addition of event recorders at each interlocking, modifications to the existing power transfer switches, signal aspect reconfiguration preparations, and the replacement of existing code transmitter and code follower relays.

Modernization of the Train Control System in the existing Division 11 Metro Blue Line Yard will provide an Automatic Train Control and Protection system. It includes the addition of software based control panels in the yard tower and yard bungalows, which will provide controls and indications of yard signals and tracks.

Refurbishment of the Overhead Contact System includes installing OCR in the existing tunnel from the portal to the end of the tail tracks at 7th/Metro Center, replacement and re-tensioning of the existing contact wire from the portal to Washington Station as well as south of Willow Station, replacement of the existing under-bridge supports at the I-10 freeway on Flower Street, and new OCS for the crossovers and siding.

Communications equipment will be installed in the new Train Control bungalows, which will be interfaced to the existing communications equipment located in existing adjacent Communications and Signal rooms.

This project will be scheduled and constructed to minimize impacts to ongoing revenue operations of the Metro Blue Line.

Mass. Electric Construction Co. is excited to participate in a key aspect of the Blue Line Modernization program. We are currently developing this website to communicate directly with the contracting community about opportunities to participate as a subcontractor on this project.

For more information on the project from Metro, click here.

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